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This page provides links to resources on various topics around XiVO. They have been generously created by people from the community.


Please note that these resources are provided on an “as is basis”. They have not been reviewed by the XiVO team, therefore the information presented may be innaccurate. We also accept resources provided in other languages besides English.

Unless specified, the license is CC BY-SA.

Tutorial Language XiVO Version Author
How to popup an url with CTIClient French 14.17 Assonance
Xivo pour les nuls French    
How to use openVPN on XiVO French   Yohan Vitu
How to backup XiVO to external FTP with French   Yohan Vitu
How to create a XiVO Client French   Yohan Vitu
How to configure a C610P IP on XiVO French   Yohan Vitu
How to export the phonebook of XiVO with French   Yohan Vitu
Installing XiVO (YouTube series) English 14.20 VoIP-Nuiz
XiVO provisioning + pfSense + siproxd + OVH French   NyXD Systems


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